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5/6/24 - Summer Trout Fishing Techniques

5/6/24 - Summer Trout Fishing Techniques

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The “Summer Trout Fishing Techniques” Online Course is geared towards the beginner to the advanced intermediate angler. Summer trout fishing techniques can vary from early summer to late summer.  Join Heather Hodson, founder of iFishiBelong, United Women on the Fly, and Fly Fish Instruct; as she discusses the river water types (runoff, optimal flows, and low and clear water) and gives leader examples, fly suggestions, sections of the river to fish, fishing techniques, and casting tips for each water type.  We'll also cover the common summer hatches, hatch characteristics, trout rise characteristics, and learn how to read a hatch chart.  We'll end with a Q&A session. 

These meetings operate on a donation basis, with proceeds supporting our presenters and enabling iFishiBelong to sustain the financial resources necessary for the nonprofit's operating costs, allowing us to host these virtual events, advance our mission work, and provide financial scholarships.

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